The Story

The Rising


he Rising chronicles the story of Henry and his wife Della, back when the small outpost of Woop Woop was nothing more than a few timber shacks on a remote cattle station.

It was early in October 1869, and whilst the exact events that occurred that night are unclear, we can piece together parts of the 150-year history of Della and Henry through letters that have been found in a rusty trunk on the property where Woop Woop is rumoured to have stood.

From what we gather, a massive bolt of lightning struck the outpost.

Henry and his station-hands were making their way back to the homestead as Della watched their return through the house window. In one of Della’s earliest letters, she wrote “Dear Henry, the strangest thing has happened. As I was watching you it was if you stopped moving. It seemed as if the lightening above froze the very sky itself. I fear that something desperately out of the ordinary has happened”.

All traces of Woop Woop vanished that night. Into thin air, as if it had never existed outside of local legend. Or so it was thought….

We have consulted with some of the country’s most renowned historians, and much to our surprise, we discovered that strange and unexplained “sightings” of Woop Woop have been recorded at various points throughout history. After posting information about this mythical outpost of Woop Woop on the internet, eyewitnesses have started to come forward to recount their stories.

Eyewitness James McLloyd, recalls a desperate man introducing himself as Henry whilst walking the streets of Melbourne in the 1980’s, claiming to be from another time and searching for his wife Della. Mr McLloyd states that Henry appeared that day through what he believed to be a “rupture in time”, described as looking similar to a wormhole.

Edwin Wolshire, a resident of the Westhaven Aged Care facility in the town closest to the rumoured site of Woop Woop, recounted his father’s story of working on the site in the early 1920s as a sheep shearer. Edwin claims his father told him stories of old buildings and farming equipment appearing on the property from “out of thin air” around the start of October each year, on the anniversary of that fateful lightning strike on Woop Woop. Edwin’s father recalled seeing a woman fitting the description of Della, peering through a window!

After hearing these stories, we decided to revisit the current station owners to seek further information that might help piece together what is seemingly a 150-year-old love story and to prove the existence of mythical Woop Woop.

However, the current owners of the station could not offer us much as they had recently purchased the property from a Mr and Mrs Delmond. After tracking down Mrs Delmond we uncovered something even more amazing.

It appears that through Mrs Delmond’s account of Woop Woop, Della is trapped in time, forever waiting for her love to return home. While Henry and his station-hands were dispersed through time itself, randomly appearing at different points in history and possibly even into the future!

Mrs Delmond claims that on the anniversary of Woop Woop’s fateful lightning strike, not only would buildings and farming equipment appear but also relics from other de

cades. It’s as if that with each stop Henry is making on his way through time back to Woop Woop, he is somehow leaving clues as to his whereabouts for Della to find.

With 2019 being the 150th year anniversary of Woop Woop, could this finally be the year he makes it back to her?!