The Concept

An interview with the organisers

To help visitors to the Woop Woop website grasp the concept of the Woop Woop Festival, we asked our team to answer the following questions. Check out their answers below.

How did you come up with the concept?

Answered by Event Founder

We’re long time festival go’ers ourselves and some on the team have worked extensively in the event industry for most their working lives.

The entire concept was born from shared passions; a love of music, theatre, creative expression and community, and of course the Australian outback.

We sat around one evening and discussed the idea of creating an event that broke away from the traditional festival format and really upped the ‘experience x-factor’.

As many festival go’ers will tell you, the festival experience is what we enjoy the most.

Outside of watching amazing musicians on stage, the experience is what makes us come back the next year, hunt for new festivals in-between and stock up on unnecessary camping gear.

What is Woop Woop and how does it offer an unique experience?

Answered by Creative Contributor 

To take the Woop Woop experience to an all new level, we’ve decided to wrap the traditional modern day music festival in a totally immersive theatrical experience.

Theatre is fundamentally about storytelling and the narrative we decided upon is a human one of adventure, fable, fantasy and romance all rolled into one.

To grasp the Woop Woop concept, imagine an enormous outdoor theatre with dozens of actors, dancers and street performers enacting a story that unfolds over four continuous days. We then add to this great live music and a street party atmosphere.

The best thing about Woop Woop is that we have created it to provide total entertainment for every festival go’er.

We believe it’s going to be a truly unique experience… like nothing Australia has seen before.

What can people expect at Woop Woop Town?

Answered by Event Coordinator 

Woop Woop Town is an interactive theatrical space on steroids! 

The story will unfold around you and we want every everyone to join in! Don’t just be a spectator. Step outside your comfort zone and actively contribute to the atmosphere.

We’d love to see our guests turn up kitted out for the festival. Bring along your fluro 80s gear and wear your frontier town getup the next night. There is nothing wrong with lycra and cowboy boots!

Of course, included in the Woop Woop experience will be a fantastic lineup of talented Australian musicians.

Our Woop Woop Music Search, which has been very popular, has provided us with some amazing artists. The first lineup announcement will be released around March.

Musicians from all across Australia will be joining us and there is a smorgasbord of musical genres to fit everyone’s tastes.

Also, other ‘outta-the-box’ musical events will be happening each day and late into the evening. We will have bush bars and crowd karaokes and dance parties that will fill the main street. It’s going to be non-stop entertainment that will cater to all tastes!

We’ve got great food vendors and quirky and interesting market stalls. There will also be kids zones, workshops and activities tucked into the streets and alleyways of Woop Woop Town.

Why the name Woop Woop?

Answered by Event Founder

We absolutely love the name Woop Woop for the festival. We went through a few different naming ideas but settled on this gem because it so accurately describes where we are and what we are doing narrative wise.

You only need to do a Wikipedia search to understand but I’ll spell it out for you. Woop Woop is Australian slang for ‘the middle of nowhere’. Once you arrive at the festival site you really get that feeling of being removed from civilisation since the event takes place on a 10,000 acre property.

Historically the term Woop Woop has been used to describe the sound shearers make when herding sheep to be shorn. But… best of all in the 1900s it was used to describe a mythical outback town.

So you can’t get a better name for this festival! Because not only are we out bush, the property was originally as sheep farm almost 100 years ago and we are literally building a mythical outback town from the ground up!

Why put the festival out in the middle of nowhere and not closer to a city?

Answered by Site Manager

We thought long and hard about this. But where else can you find such beautiful rugged country with vast space to build something amazing?

The location is authentic!

The town of Woop Woop isn’t something you can take down and put back up the following year. Much of the infrastructure will be permeant and we are lucky to have very accommodating land owners who share our long term vision of Woop Woop becoming an annual Australian entertainment destination. There are going to be iconic structures in keeping with the Woop Woop identity. When you see them, you will know you have arrived at Woop Woop!

So we feel that putting this event 46kms outside of Roma on a vast working station adds to the whole experience.

Yes, it could be argued that its remote, but that’s the whole point. Woop Woop is a mythical outback town!

Plus the site itself is really beautiful and rugged with huge Bottle Trees, tucked away nooks and hidden places which lend themselves to being discovered and explored!

We really feel that once someone realises what the Woop Woop experience offers, the issue of distance doesn’t matter because there is no festival like it and its completely worth the trip out Woop Woop!

What is the Woop Woop narrative?

Answered by Producer of Woop Woop Short Stories [Web Video Series]

A mythical town must have a story or two to tell… and what’s better than a human epic that is part love story and part fable. That’s where our two central character come into play; Della and her husband Henry.

The narrative is a touch of Doctor Who with a pinch of Pride and Prejudice and whole lot of our own creativity thrown in for good measure.

The first Woop Woop Festival narrative goes under the title of The Rising and is a bit of a sci-fi / fantasy romance.

The legend goes that the town of Woop Woop was struck by lightning 150 years ago effectively stranding Della and the town in 1869. However Henry was thrown through time and reports of his mysterious appearance have been reported all across Australia in every decade since. It seems Henry is desperately trying to make his way back to Woop Woop to be reunited with Della on the 150th anniversary of the towns disappearance.

2019 is rumoured to be the year that Woop Woop will reappear. We’ll be gathered on the fabled site of Woop Woop and hope you will too. We can’t wait to see what happens out Woop Woop way!