Applying to Perform or Exhibit at Woop Woop – Terms and Conditions

Woop Woop invites performers and visual artists to participate in the Woop Woop Festival.

‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’ refers to Woop Woop.
‘You’, ‘your’ refers to the applicant.
‘Event’ means the Woop Woop Festival.
‘Performer and Exhibitor Agreement’ means the agreement that we will enter into with you in order to facilitate you performing or exhibiting at Woop Woop once your application is approved.
‘Festival Rules and Guidelines’ means the separate document named as such and published on the website.
‘Volunteer Ticket’ means a special ticket not available to the general public which can be purchased by approved Performer and Exhibitor Applicants

By submitting this application, you agree to and acknowledge the following terms and conditions of participation:

  1. Any decisions or further actions that we might take in response to your application are entirely at our discretion. Your application does not obligate us in any way to offer you anything further.
  2. Only you can submit this application. Others cannot submit this application on your behalf or in your name.
  3. You must be over eighteen years of age or, if not, written permission from your legal guardian must be provided to us.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or rescind this application at any time at our discretion without notice.
  5. You agree to provide correct and accurate information.
  6. Should your application be successful, we will require that you enter into a Performer and Exhibitor Agreement with us which will specify both party’s roles, responsibilities and deliverable services.
  7. As a term of, and in order to ratify the Performer and Exhibitor Agreement, you must purchase and pay for a Volunteer Ticket. We will refund you the cost of this ticket upon the conditions in the Performer and Exhibitor Agreement being met.
  8. You hereby warrant that your routines and/or exhibits are safe and that you are capable of performing and exhibiting them in a manner which does not place yourself or any third parties at undue risk of injury.
  9. You furthermore agree to deliver your services in a safe manner with due regard to the safety for yourself and others.
  10. If you are using equipment and/or tools, you warrant that you are competent in the operation of same and that you will do so with due regard to your safety and the safety of others.
  11. Should you bring electrical cables and cords with you to use in your performance or art creation, you agree to ensure that they are safety checked and tagged in accordance with legislation.
  12. We reserve the right to inspect your tools and equipment at any time to ensure compliance and maintenance of standards.  Should we discover any factor that we, in our sole discretion, consider to be sub-standard or non-compliant, we will request that you rectify the situation immediately failing which we may cancel the Performer and Exhibitor Agreement, close down your performance and request that you vacate the Event.
  13. You agree that you are responsible for securing, weatherproofing and safeguarding your personal possessions, equipment and/or costumes and we will not be held liable for any losses however caused.
  14. Should any accident occur during your performance or whilst working on your exhibit, irrespective of whether it involves yourself or patrons or staff, you agree to report this to the Administration Office immediately without undue delay.
  15. By performing or exhibiting your art at the Event, you grant us a license to photograph, videotape or record your performances or art and make use of the recordings as we see fit and at our sole discretion.
  16. Should your Performer & Exhibitor Agreement provide for you to be remunerated, such remuneration will be paid only upon conclusion of the agreed work, and furthermore on condition that said work has met the standard that was agreed upon.
  17. You agree to be professional in your dealings with us and in your delivery of services as described in the Performer and Exhibitor Agreement, including but not limited to being punctual and well presented at all times.
  18. In order for you to enter the Event, you will still require a valid ticket for each person in your party.  We will issue you with the agreed number of tickets free of charge. You agree that, these tickets and your attendance at the Event are subject to the Event Terms and Conditions of Ticketing and Entry and the Festival Rules and Guidelines as laid out on this website.
  19. You acknowledge that, unless specifically provided for in the Performer and Exhibitor Agreement, any costs you incur directly by your performing or exhibiting at the Event are for your account. This includes but is not limited to travel and food arrangements.