Venice on Fire

Telling stories of heartbreak, betrayal and emotion, Venice on Fire are the hard-hitting band you never knew you wanted.

A head-banging alternative rock band that wears their hearts on their sleeves, the Queensland trio combine sad, complex narratives and gorgeous melodies with a massive sound designed to fill floors and rooms across the country.

A true success story from regional Australia, the Toowoomba-based boys started in western Queensland four years ago when guitarist Tom Gillespie bonded with drummer Darcy Cavanough and bass player Jarrod Hall. Che Smith replaced Jarrod in late 2018.

The trio took elements from Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, Smashing Pumpkins and Rise Against to create an aggressive debut EP Home, before following it up with full-length release Tempt A Saint. The self-funded tracks cover a depth of themes and emotions, such as love, loss, tragedy and jealousy.

They’ve since followed it up with their “jean-tearing” single ‘My Friend Mal’ in October last year, which discussed the troubles with toxic friendships. It earned praise from critics for “mixing grungy tinges of 90s rock with more modern Aussie alt-rock tendencies”.

But latest single ‘Nov 2’, a back-and-forth exploration into a chance meeting of two jilted ex-lovers, has eclipsed all that, receiving significant airplay on community radio like 4ZZZ and enjoyed strong reviews from critics at Happy Mag and The Soundcheck.

Since moving to Toowoomba two years ago, Venice on Fire has grown in stature and popularity, playing at tastemaker festival The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this year and the popular Airlie Beach Festival of Music in 2017.

Playing with major alt-rock contemporaries like Deadlights, Port Royal, Bugs, Fait Accompli, The Chats, Kingswood, WALKEN, CREO, Pist Idiots, Pandamic, Semantics and Particles along the way.

Comments on ‘Nov 2’
“With the release of their latest single Nov 2, the band continue to establish themselves as one of the most promising emerging acts in Aussie music. If you’re not already across this name, it’s definitely time you changed that.” – Happy Mag

“This is a super well written and put together song. It feels very complete, taking you on a journey through tempo change and bringing in loud drum beats.” – Tins & Gigs

Comments on ‘My Friend Mal’
“A super-catchy song…the big fist pumping moments are awesome and the verses are catchy.” – Joe Alexander, Bedroom Suck Records

“Mixing grungy tinges of 90s rock with more modern Aussie alt-rock tendencies that hooks and hulks on its nearly four minute journey.” – The Soundcheck

“A jean-tearing chorus to build upon.” – Declan Byrne, Triple J

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