Sky Eater

Sky Eater are innovative and beautiful, multi-instrumental powerhouse duo set to bend the boundaries of live and electronic music. They bring you all that is Mermaid Trip-Hop Dub, with a little Hip Hop/Soul drive to bring it home.

Chelsea and TK have been on the musical circuit for years, crossing paths as they toured nationally and internationally with a variety of acts. In 2018 they joined forces with a mighty musical artillery up their sleeves – Chelsea Skyeater with a full collection of serene songs written, complete with catchy horn lines and a heartfelt message to deliver, and UK-born TK Bassdread with the finest bass chops of the northern rivers and years of experience in the global dub, trip-hop and drum and bass scenes.

While the collaboration is fresh, Sky Eater’s music has been quickly making its way straight to the hearts of fans – in their first year they have released an EP, toured the East Coast of Australia and New Zealand and have already made a host of festival appearances with another album being recorded as you read this! Definitely an up and coming Australian act to keep an eye on.

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