Benny Nelson

A country boy hailing from North-West NSW, Benny Nelson knew from a young age that his small-town roots wouldn’t tame his big aspirations and at just 16 years of age, Benny moved to Sydney to pursue his career as a musician. In Sydney, he attended a Creative And Performing Arts High School.

After recording and releasing his debut EP ‘Follow Me’, Benny went on the road for 3 months in his 3 piece band for a completely Independent tour of the entire East Coast of Australia. The band played 27 shows in over 20 regional towns and cities from from Cairns to Melbourne.

Touring original music has inspired Benny to write raw and honest lyrics influenced by his life experiences and make music inspired by the bands and artists who have made an impact on his life from a young age.

Benny is writing new music and focusing on recording his debut album.

His single TALK is a new direction and just a taste of what his debut album will offer.

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