Anarchy Hearts

Emerging from the Gold Coast in 2018 and comprising of Irish, Australian and British roots, this unorthodox contingent of characters, brought together by their love of music formed the Anarchy Hearts.

From bone chilling blues, to smooth cruisy ballads, to hard hitting rock, Anarchy Hearts indulge in a range of emotions with total authenticity to deliver a wonderful musical experience. Partnered with epic melodies, smart song writing and a powerful and energetic live performance, Anarchy Hearts are sure to capture your attention as they share their unique musical perspective.

After half a year in the recording process Anarchy Hearts released their debut single “Last Stand” in April 2019 and are all set to release their debut EP “Release” online on the 27th May 2019, followed by an EP launch night on the 31st of May that will kick off a run of shows over the next few months across southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

So saddle up and strap in as Anarchy Hearts and fans ready themselves for an exciting year that will mark just the beginning of this bands exciting future prospects.

Anarchy Hearts
Last Stand
Anarchy Hearts Last Stand

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