Join The Build

Help create Woop Woop

Woop Woop is literally being built from the ground up and could be considered one of Queensland’s most ambitious performance art projects.

To realise the project on the scale that we envisage, we are inviting everyone to join us in making Woop Woop a reality.

If you are so inclined, have some time and would like to contribute, we are seeking artisans, welders, painters and anyone handy to help bring Woop Woop to life.

You will need to be physically fit and happy to work outdoors.

There will be three build phases during 2019 with the first starting in April.

You are invited to join us out Woop Woop to help create a festival environment the likes of which Australia has not seen.

Submit an application and the Woop Woop Team will be in contact to provide further details.

After all, how often does one get invited to build a town… so, come join us and be a part of something amazing!

Woop Woop needs materials

We have a long wish list of physical items we need to construct the Woop Woop site. We would be very happy to hear from farmers, businesses and people who would like to clear their yards and can offer things like:

Old second hand building materials –  Timber, old sheet metal, poles, window frames etc.

Old scaffolding –  Uprights, ledgers, floorboard, pipes

Old scrapped farming implements and machinery –  Like pieces of old tractors, ploughs and rusty tanks

Old heavy engineering parts like cogs, gears, chains and wheels