General Questions

Yes - Please have a look at the 'Be Involved' page to find out more and apply.

There are points within the property where there is weak cellular signal but please do not rely upon it. We are investigating the possibility of a temporary cell tower but we cannot commit to it yet.

All ages! Woop Woop is family friendly and kids will also have a great time.

Yes, we anticipate that most festival goers will be camping with us. We have zones dependant upon your vehicle type and also Family and 'Glamping' Zones. Check out our camping FAQ for more information.

Camping Zone gates will open on Thursday 3rd October at 10.00am. 

The Festival Area gates will open at noon on Friday 4th October

Camp sites within each zone are allocated strictly on a first come first served basis. If you want to camp with friends, please ensure that your vehicles enter through the gates together. 

Please No.... No No No...... No...

Bring your smile, your positive energy, your costumes and get-up and your camping gear. It will be warm during the day but can be chilly at night.  Make sure you have enough warm dry clothing.

For a camping checklist, take a look at "What should I bring to camp?" under the Camping Questions below.

We're in Woop Woop.

The ground is rocky in places and thorny in others. We strongly recommend that you wear closed in shoes.

Simple - Australian law applies.

Please ensure that your prescription drugs are accompanied by supporting documentary proof.  i.e. A doctors letter or prescription. Please note that we reserve the right to photograph these documents in order to protect all parties.

Yes, you can bring a reasonable amount for consumption at your campsite but you cannot bring your own alcohol into the Festival Area.

Any official state issued photo ID will be okay. For example: Drivers licenses, passports.

The following items are prohibited. 

1. Firearms or other weapons of ANY kind.

2. Flares, fireworks or explosives of ANY kind.

3. Drones and other radio controlled toys and devices.

4. Couches unless within caravans or RV's.

5. Pets and animals, except for those provided for by law. eg. Guide dogs

6. Drugs and illicit substances.

7. Portable loudspeakers, loudhalers and air horns.

8. Motorised riding devices like scooters, bicycles, skateboards.

9. Any and all other illegal items.

If you arrive with a prohibited item on your person or in your vehicle, you will not be granted entry with them. Your options then will be to dispose of the items in the bins provided at the gate, or not to enter. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Ticketing and Entry and Festival Rules and Guidelines regarding our rights to search you and your vehicles. If any prohibited items are subsequently found in your possession or at your camp site, you will be given the choice to have the items confiscated and disposed of or pack up and leave the festival immediately, failing which you will be removed from the property. No refunds will be given if you cannot enter the Festival or you leave the Festival because you have brought prohibited items with you.

The following items are permitted in your camp site but they cannot be brought into the Festival Area:

  1. Your own alcohol
  2. Glass bottles and containers

Should you arrive at the Festival Area entrance with the above items, you will be asked to return them to your camp site or  car or dispose of them in the bins provided at the festival entrance.

We have ensured that all areas are accessible for wheelchairs. Disabled toilets are available on the festival grounds. Special needs campsites are available with disabled toilets and showers.

There will be a first aid centre with trained personnel.

There will be a wide selection of snacks, food and soft drinks available from independent food vendors on site that should satisfy most tastes.

Alcoholic drinks - Beer, wine and spirit mixers will be available from the bar outlets on site. 

Drinking water will be available for free at specified dispensers from potable water tanks. You will need your own water bottle or container.

Food vendors will be published on the website closer to the event date but yes, we are inviting vendors who serve great vegan and vegetarian dishes.

We are taking extra care to ensure that we offer a unique and diverse vendor mix offering high quality goods and services in keeping with the Woop Woop identity.

Cash - Australian dollars only please.

There will be ATM's but we recommend that you bring cash with you to avoid possible delays due to satellite connectivity issues which might occur and will be out of our control. 

The bars will operate on a token redemption system. Tokens can be purchased at designated outlets and can be used to order drinks in the bars. No cash will be accepted in the bars.

We cannot guarantee that eftpos will be accepted by vendors. We will update this advice closer to the Festival date.

Yes, there will be ATM machines. However, we should point out that the required connectivity will be provided by satellite links which can be intermittent at times. We therefore recommend that you bring cash with you to avoid possible frustration. 

Designated smoking areas will be allocated within the Festival Area and the Family Camping Zone. We ask you to be considerate of others in the camping zones. 

Event security personnel will be on duty and visible twenty four hours per day.

We are working closely with the Australian Police and their presence is anticipated.

We all wish that theft would not occur. Unfortunately we all know that its not guaranteed. Sorry, but we do not accept responsibility for losses arising from theft. It is your responsibility to secure your campsite and the items you have brought with you. We recommend that you keep your valuables locked in your car and out of sight or on your person. Or better still, leave unnecessary valuables at home.

Most of our patrons will be camping and we feel its simply not necessary or viable to provide lockers - sorry.

There will be a lost property office. We have faith in human nature and trust it will be handed in for you but we cannot of course make any guarantees.

Sorry, you will need to make your own arrangements for charging your devices.

Yes you can but you can't ride it in the Festival Area. You can ride between the Festival Area and the Camping Zones and in and around the Camping Zones. Please watch out for others!

Refuse skips and bins will be available everywhere. Please respect the environment and take everything away that you brought with you or dispose of it in a bin.

Nope.  Sorry, only because we don't want people hurt. You can of course arrive by motorcycle but your bike cannot be used around the festival site.

Ticketing Questions

New tickets can only be purchased off this website.

If you are interested in buying (or selling) previously bought tickets, you are free to make enquiries (or advertise) on our Facebook Ticket Re-sale Group Page. Link here.


If you don't have a buyer you are welcome to advertise your tickets in our Facebook Ticket Re-sale Group and negotiate with interested parties. Link here.

Yes, but a note of caution from us.  If you buy previously bought tickets you cannot know for sure that they have not been duplicated.

For your peace of mind we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Reach agreement (price etc) with the seller and ask them to provide you with the ticket serial numbers.
  2. Contact us with the serial numbers and the seller details.
  3. We will check the ticket's validity and contact the seller to confirm the sale and advise you of this outcome.
  4. Then once you have paid the seller and you have the tickets, notify us again and we will cancel those tickets and re-issue you with your own brand new tickets of the same type. You will then be holding new tickets issued directly from us to you .

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't follow the steps above, then you buy those tickets entirely at your own risk. It's worth noting that if the seller and their tickets are genuine, then they should have no problem giving you the serial numbers to check them before you buy. If they are not willing to do so, the tickets are probably spurious.

Yes they are! There will be four ticket releases with the cheapest prices being sold first. Please refer to the Tickets page for more information.

No, you can buy as many as you want to!

Children 5yrs old and under are free.

Children between the ages of 6yrs and 12yrs must have a child ticket.

Teenagers between the ages of 13yrs and 17yrs must have a youth ticket or be included in a family ticket.

Persons 18yrs old or older are considered adults and must have an adult ticket.  

Yes, just click the "Add to Cart" button beneath each type of ticket to add that type to your cart. On the cart page you can increase the quantity of each type of ticket you would like to purchase.

Nope.. camping tickets are for the festival duration. Stay with us!

No. Parking is an included component in all tickets. Camping tickets include car parking at either the allocated campsite or in the day parking area. Day pass tickets allow for parking in the day parking area. 

For the safety of all patrons and staff, vehicles parked at campsites are not permitted to move during the festival unless for good reason (a medical or family emergency etc). Should you have to move your vehicle from the campsite during the Event, you may only do so with a marshal present who will escort your vehicle to the nearest exit at walking pace. Please contact a member of staff or come to the administration office BEFORE attempting to move your vehicle to arrange this. Vehicles will not be permitted to re-enter the camping zones once they have exited.  

If you are camping but you want to use your vehicle during the festival to for instance, visit a town close by, you can drive in to set up your camp site and then move your vehicle to the day parking area. You will only be allowed to drive back to your camp site during the pack up phase on the last day. 

We accept credit card payments via Paypal as well as Paypal payments. No details are collected or stored on this website.

Your tickets will be delivered to you by way of download links contained within your purchase confirmation email. Click on the links to download them and you can then print them out.  Feel free to contact us if you experience any problems..

You must have a valid ticket to gain entry. If you are over the age of eighteen, you must also have a valid form of photo ID.

This is required in order to comply with liquor licensing regulations.

No. Your ticket is for you only.  Upon first entry, a sealed wristband will be placed on your wrist and this becomes your access pass. Any wristband that has been cut or removed becomes void and cannot be used.

Because your ticket can be used by anyone. Once scanned at the entrance gate, your ticket becomes a used ticket and cannot be scanned again. For this reason, it is important that you treat your tickets as you would cash and keep them safe and private.

If you lose your tickets or if you suspect someone has unauthorised access to your tickets, you should contact us immediately.  If they have not been used by the time you contact us, we can cancel those tickets and re-issue you with new tickets. Please note we reserve the right to charge a fee for this service. If they have been used by the time you contact us, there is nothing we can do for you, you have lost your tickets.

Unfortunately not. The Terms and Conditions of Ticketing and Entry you agreed to when purchasing your ticket/s stipulate that there are no refunds except as required by the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice. Incorrect purchases DO NOT qualify for a refund.

We expect its going to be sunny and warm! However, this is an all weather event and no refunds will be given due to inclement weather. Please come prepared and have the necessary items to stay dry if it rains.

You can leave and re-enter the event as many times as you wish. A valid wristband on your wrist is your pass out.

Camping Questions

We are happy to say that our standard campsites are generously sized at 50 squ/m each. Our caravan, camper trailer and RV sites are even bigger at 70 squ/m. 

Sorry, no they are not.

Small hand held camping type muted petrol generators are permitted (max 3kva) but are subject to a 9pm-9am curfew.

We will be honest with you here.. we are not crazy about having too many generators running so please consider trying to run your camp site on batteries for lighting and gas for cooking.

Just an idea, solar and battery powered LED lights really do last nowadays 🙂

Bring all the bits you need to camp comfortably. 

A tent of course! Also groundsheets, tarps and poles and/or a gazebo provides shade which is always a good idea.

Bring enough pegs and tie downs - You don't want your stuff blowing away if it gets breezy.

Otherwise, our quick checklist:

  1. A torch (flashlight)
  2. Earplugs if you are a light sleeper
  3. Insect repellent spray
  4. Wet wipes
  5. Towels
  6. Toiletries
  7. Warm clothing
  8. Snuggle worthy bedding
  9. Umbrella and rain mac or poncho
  10. A good pair of boots or walking shoes
  11. Extra socks!
  12. Sunblock
  13. Water bottle if you're planning to use the free water outlets
  14. Garbage bags
  15. A water canister (5L or more) Good for brushing teeth or rinsing off hands etc at your camp site.
  16. A hat
  17. Sunnies

Yes, shower blocks will be in the camping zones.

Gas burners  are fine.  i.e. Cookers and bbq's etc - No open fires please.

We do not supply sullage pump out facilities on site. You will need to make your own arrangements upon leaving the festival.

Please be considerate of other campers.

Do not encroach upon or enter other people's campsites without their express invitation. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings.

A noise curfew will be in place in the Family Camping Zone between the hours of 11pm and 7am. 

Otherwise the general Festival Do's and Dont's apply.

Do's and Don'ts

1. Immerse yourself  - express yourself - BE AMAZING!

2. Be social and have a great time.

3. Enjoy the outdoors.

4. Respect the environment.

Please don't:

1. Behave in an unruly, aggressive, anti-social, insulting, intimidating or inconsiderate manner. This includes but is not limited to loud profanity, throwing objects and intoxication and unwelcome predatory behaviour.

2. Break the law.

3. Litter.

4. Light fires or set off fireworks or flares.

5. Trade, unless you have entered into a Vendor Agreement with us.

Please read through our Festival Rules and Guidelines for more information

Okay... you did click on this drop down, so while we are talking about this we should also point the following out:

The Terms and Conditions of Ticketing and Entry you agreed to when purchasing your ticket stipulate that the organisers reserve of admission at all times. Behaviour described above might result in us cancelling your ticket without notice or without refund in which case you will be asked to leave the property, failing which you will be removed from the property. In this regard, it is important to point out that the festival is held on private property and the property owners have authorised us to act in their best interests and at entirely our discretion. Should you return to the festival without a valid ticket you will effectively be trespassing on private land and we will have no option but to inform the authorities.

We would really really really like to avoid anything like this happening... but ...we've said it 🙂

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Ticketing and Entry and  Festival Rules and Guidelines for more information.