The Woop Woop Experience

Woop Woop is a first for Australia and could be described as Queensland’s most innovative event. Combining emerging music with captivating theatricality and artistic expression, Woop Woop will be a unique interactive experience.

Woop Woop will bring captivating theatre, fresh Australian music and a street party atmosphere together under the central narrative of a bold Queensland frontier town trapped in time.

Enjoy a impressive line-up of emerging artists from across Australia and engage with characters old and new as the story unfolds around you. Drama, romance and fantasy become woven into a spectacle that will transport you from the wild days of early Queensland to a post modern take on the roaring 20s, the swinging 60s and times in-between and beyond. 

Additionally, the soundscape amphitheatre, outdoor cinema, workshops, kid’s play areas and twilight observation bar offering star gazing will ensure there is something for everyone. 

We invite you to be more than a visitor. Be distinctive, interact and contribute your own creativity and imagination to the shaping of Woop Woop as a festival like no other.

A destination where myth, legend and spectacle combine into an immersive blend of sights, sounds and celebration.

Woop Woop Town

Woop Woop’, affectionately means ‘the middle of nowhere’. It also refers to a ‘mythical outback town’, and we are building such a place in the heart of Queensland’s rugged ‘big sky’ country, five hours drive west of Brisbane.

Trapped in time, the town will rise from the dust in a fusion of the then, now and future centred around a main square with its mysterious clock tower.

The Woop Woop marketplace will keep you enthralled as you meander through the streets and alleyways. Authentic art, handcrafted jewellery, original fashion and local produce will all have their place. Traders have been carefully selected to ensure that each has something unique and authentic to offer.

 J.R.R Tolkein, the famed author of the Lord of the Rings, once said “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” A carefully compiled vendor mix will provide a wide variety of menus and dishes for all tastes.

The town map will be released early 2019 and will detail the many experiences on offer at Woop Woop. Be sure to sign up to the Woop Woop Festival newsletter and our Facebook page to stay in the loop.