Application to Join the Build – Terms and Conditions

Woop Woop invites volunteers to help build the Woop Woop site.

‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’ refers to Woop Woop.
‘You’, ‘your’, ‘Build Volunteer’ refers to volunteer applicants.
‘Build Volunteer Agreement’ means the agreement that we will enter into with you to facilitate you volunteering to help build the Woop Woop Site once your application is approved.
‘Festival Rules and Guidelines’ means the separate document named as such and published on the website.

By submitting this application, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

  1. Any decisions or further actions that we might take in response to your application are entirely at our discretion. Your application does not obligate us in any way to offer you anything further.
  2. Only you can submit this application. Others cannot submit this application on your behalf or in your name.
  3. You must be over eighteen years of age or, if not, this application must be submitted by your legal guardian.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or rescind this application at any time at our discretion without notice.
  5. You agree to provide correct and accurate information.
  6. Should your application be successful, we will require that you enter into a Build Volunteer Agreement with us which will specify both party’s roles, responsibilities and deliverable services.
  7. In return for volunteering to help build the Woop Woop site, we offer Build Volunteers a free single adult ticket with camping to the Woop Woop Festival 2019, conditional upon compliance with the Build Volunteer Agreement.
  8. Should any accident occur during the build, irrespective of whether it involves yourself or others, you agree to report this to the site manager immediately and without undue delay.
  9. You grant us permission to photograph, videotape or record you during your volunteer work shifts and you further give us permission to make use of the recorded media as we see fit and at our discretion.
  10. You agree to be professional in your dealings with us and in your contribution, including but not limited to being punctual and presentable at all times.
  11. You acknowledge that, unless specifically provided for in the Build Volunteer Agreement, any costs you incur as a result of your volunteering are for your account. This includes but is not limited to travel and food arrangements.
  12. The Build Volunteer programme relies fundamentally upon both parties showing good faith and working together in the spirit of mutually beneficial goodwill. However, if for any reason, we form the opinion that you cannot or will not fulfil your commitments as agreed to in the Build Volunteer Agreement, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate the Build Volunteer Agreement with you at any time and without notice.