Woop Woop Festival 2019

Woop Woop is a mythical outback town which is rumoured to slip into reality only once a year.
The story goes that long ago lightening struck the small cattle outpost rupturing the fabric of time and sinking it into the fray of the unseen, forever suspending the land and it’s people in the yesteryear.

Over the years strange sightings of men and woman dressed in old fashion have spooked those on the land, forcing some to abandon their workstations.
The land is now littered with relics throughout history, from the old wooden farm house rumoured to be where a the original drover and his wife lived before the lightening strike, to the farming equipment and lodgings of shearers and cattle hands since.

October 2019 is the 200 year anniversary of the fateful lightening strike that tore apart the life of all those living there so many years ago.
The last sighting of the drover indicated that Woop Woop would reappear when the ground shook to the sound of a 1000 feet.

The land now forms apart of a working cattle station and the farmers have asked us to come to help bring Woop Woop into the seen and to help reunite the drover and his wife forever lost to each other.

Woop Woop 2019 is more than just a music festival, it’s a love story. It is a journey back through time, it is a reconnection to the land and to the people. Woop Woop is a unique Australian experience, a showcase of Australian music, a celebration, a union of the rugged land and all her people.

We’re going Woop Woop… see you out there!

Woop Woop Band Search and Talent Directory

The Woop Woop Band Search and Talent Directory is an evolving database of established and emerging Australian musicians, run in conjunction with the Woop Woop Festival.

It offers Australian musicians a platform and opportunity to showcase their music and be selected to play at the Woop Woop festival set for October 2019 in Queensland.

Entries open November 1, 2018